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We are data monetisation experts who specialise in making data practically useful.


The DataMuse founding team has more than 60 years combined experience in analytics, data science, software, machine learning, strategy, marketing, and digital growth.

We’ve worked at companies large and small, early and mature, here and abroad.

Keith Mann

Keith is the CEO and Managing Director of DataMuse and specialises in generating business value from data. He is a data science management professional with over 23 years experience leading model development and statistical analysis across numerous industries and business domains in Australia and the US. He started his career at Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley as a data solutions architect and has managed multi-disciplinary data teams.

He holds a BA from Harvard University and a Certificate of Data Excellence from Intel School of Data Science.

....Just kidding! We are (proudly) a fully female-led and founded technical start-up. Click here if you're curious about who Keith really is and how he helps out female founders.

Alex Galin MBA

Alex is a Co-Founder & Managing Director of DataMuse. She has 13 years experience in capital markets and strategy most recently as head of digital content and growth analytics at Australian fintech, OnMarket. She has worked at Macquarie Bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Singularity University. She also led the Climate Markets and Investors Association, representing global business at the UNFCCC and advised Malcolm Turnbull. She specialises in platform analytics, strategy, customer acquisition, content that converts, UX, and growing data ROI. 

She holds a Bachelor of Comparative Literature (French and Russian) (Hons.) from Yale University and an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Email / m: 0432 698 392 / LinkedIn / Twitter

Dr Natalia Galin PhD

Natalia is a Co-Founder & Head of Data at DataMuse. She has 14 years data, signal processing and analysis experience, most recently as an independent data consultant for Australian and global technology companies. Previously, she has worked on CryoSat-2, the European Space Agency's first satellite mission to the polar regions. She has a broad technical background and coding experience (including Python, C, SQL, and Matlab). Natalia has worked at NASA and NOAA on analysing complex datasets and she holds a number of patents. Natalia specialises in signal processing, data analysis, and algorithm development, including machine learning. 

She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (1st Hons.) from University of NSW, PhD in Physics from University of Tasmania and was a Fulbright Scholar at NASA.

Email / m: 0421 227 704 / LinkedIn / Twitter

Tim Leslie

Tim is a software engineer and data scientist with 18 years of professional experience across a wide range of technical fields. He has worked on a range of systems from embedded systems at Open Kernel Labs and Cochlear, through to supercomputers at the Climate Change Research Centre.

His previous work has included developing research software in the fields of algebraic geometry, astronomy, oceanography and neuroscience and he has made contributions to the open source packages NumPy and SciPy

He specialises in machine learning, systems engineering, and Python programming. 

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering, 1st Hons.), a Bachelor of Science (Physics, 1st Hons.), and a Masters in Mathematics from the University of NSW.

Jessica Thallmaier

Jessica is a data warehouse and Business Intelligence (BI) specialist with over 15 years of IT experience, predominantly in the BI and data warehouse space. She has experience in managing and delivering both agile and waterfall large-scale greenfield data integration projects from end to end.

She has worked with clients in the insurance, health, media and retail industries. Her most recent engagement was as the Data Governance and Assurance Manager for a wholesale distribution organisation.

Her expertise includes programme management, agile project management, data governance, master data management, delivery management, data warehouse and ETL architecture, process re-engineering and business analysis.

She holds certifications in Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Kimball Method, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the International Consortium for Agile (IC Agile). She holds a Bachelor Arts Informatics from the University of Sydney.

David Pincus

David is a McKinsey alumnus and GE certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with 20 years professional experience in a wide variety of industries across the USA and Asia Pacific.

David designed CT and MRI scanners for GE Healthcare before moving to Australia, in 2002, to help run GE's Ultrasound business. After consulting in business process improvement, he joined McKinsey as an Implementation specialist bringing together business optimisation with the practical skills required to rapidly transform insights and ideas into results.

David holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering (Hons.) from Duke University.

Alex North

Alex is a Technical Advisor to DataMuse. He is a former Google Senior Software Engineer with 13 years experience in software design and engineering, with particular expertise in software products, data models and APIs, collaboration technology, and engineering management.

He is currently the co-founder of an AI and NLP technology company and advises DataMuse on technology stacks, API integration, AI and deep learning. His former roles include building tech for Canva, First Order, Hey You (or Posse), Matt Barrie's Sensory Networks, as well as building Brolly, jamcode, Gasbag apps.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (1st Honors) from the University of NSW.